_My Secret Pocket : Just for today_                                       Dear Diary,                                                                 At the end of a busy tiring day, I find myself alone with you. It doesn’t cost much to say, though of-course its where I get to pour my heart too. Sometimes I just lazily sit and stare in wonder at the open blank page, Lost in time, no words to write. Just silent thoughts running through my mind. Finding it difficult to express, even though sometimes I’m impress. Not with what I write, but the feeling of contentment after realizing I have done something good after reading what I’ve told you. Flicking through the pages, I see so much have happened. Some days I’m floating way far up in the bright blue sky, Other days I am sinking deeper and deeper into the wide blue ocean. So many things to say, so little space to jot it down to.


Through the Bookworm’s eyes.

From the past, to the present, 

Be it yesterday or today.

From this very moment on,

You will find that

We have traveled far and wide,

Feeling the words come alive.

Through the mighty storms, sailing over the many seas.

Flying gracefully with the birds, way up in the blue sky. Or sitting around the dinner table playing cards and watching on as time goes by.

Running through the thick green jungle, evading the unknown shadows. 

Mastering the art of various fields,

Be it of Life, Love, and Dreams.

Or a wife, dove and Creams.

Following the steps of great actors and actresses.  

Or buying dresses and mattresses.

From one continent to the other.

Exploring and admiring,

 Solving mystery only to encounter another one. 

No luggage needed, maybe just your reading glass and a cuppa if you are up to it. 

No plane ticket to buy,you only look forward to say goodbye.

After all the adventures, maybe you could write yourself one.

Though the voyage is quite over. 

You still wonder, as you turn the last page and close the cover. 

Day dreaming

Work is not over, yet here you are, playing with my thoughts.                                                   Is it really you? Are you a ghost? Or am I just hallucinating?                                                       There you go again. Do tell me please you are not going to disappear?

Come back here.It is so much fun having you around.  Moving gracefully, having me in a frenzy. A wild excitement?? No! I’m not crazy, maybe..a little..


The slow motion flick of your dreadlocks from your face, exposing your sweet charming smile, sends me off to cloud ten (10), mind you, I passed nine (9) already. No! Do not go, I beg of you. Sit a while and talk with me. Let me hear your thoughts too. Awww…..sweeeeet….

Ring!!Ring!! Goes the phone.

Biro drops, picking up the phone,fingers desperately swiping away at the phone  screen.

I answer sweetly: ‘Hello darling, I was just thinking about you’.

Caller: ‘Miss Marbles, have you completed the assigned task?’

Me: ‘Sorry boss, emailing it over now’.

*massive sigh

Darting around and you are not here.Where did you go? Come back. Tell me more. I wanna know.

I get back to work, wishing I was not a just day dreaming.DREADYGHOST